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So some of you who talk to me off of LJ already know that I've been on a real Sweet Valley nostalgia trip. I've always been a sucker for teen/tween girl lit (my epic Nancy Drew collection is a real testament to that), but Sweet Valley is something different for me. You see my love for Nancy was something private almost. I read all the books, and I adored Nancy, but none of my friends were really into her, and my epic detective adventures were something I usually took on all by myself. Sweet Valley, on the other hand, was something we all read together. We had epic Sweet Valley games we played when we were very young- Like Sweet Valley LARPS almost (I was always Jessica). We all spent hours at the library reading the books, since our parents didn't really approve of them (something that just made them even cooler), and we'd save all our money to snatch copies up at school book sales.

Sweet Valley was this wonderful forbidden fruit, and we were obsessed with it.

So you can imagine my delight when I came upon my precious Sweet Valley books packed away in a box among, well, a million other boxes of books. Though my joy wilted slightly as I remembered that I'd sold a few of them when I'd been in High School, and damn, I'd never finished collecting them all anyway. My collection was nothing compared to what it had once been, and it broke my heart.

Broke, but always willing to shop, I've been slowly re-building and filling in my collection so I can read the whole series again from the start. I've decided not to read them in release order, but in chronological. I'm skipping the 'Sweet valley Kids' books for now, simply because I have no memory of reading those. I know I never owned any, and I don't think I ever peeked at them in the library. Though if I ever find them cheep on Ebay, I might give them a go... Instead I'll be starting with the Twins books, and going on from there.

We'll start with book one, Sweet Valley Twins : Best Friends )


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