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I wrote this as a bit of a flashback for an RPG, but it works as a ficlit, and I really like the way it came out.

Title: Playing With Fire
Author: Plausive
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Characters: Spencer Reid, Diana Reid
Rating: G

"Right as the humour of melancholy
Causeth full many a man in sleep to cry
For fear of blacke bears, or bulles black,
Or elles blacke devils will them take."
- Geoffrey Chaucer

Standing in the doorway of their kitchen, young Spencer Reid watched his mother as she scribbled in her journal. Sometimes he was sure she could write even faster than he could read, her script tight and small, but neat. The handwriting of a professor, a talent she never lost no matter how long she was out of a classroom. Her hair was long again- nearly to her shoulders. Sometimes she cut it, keeping it short and tidy, a style that made her look less crazed and lost. Like this, however, she looked wild. Her bright blond hair, streaked ever so slightly with gray, fell in uncombed waves around her face, falling forward and causing her to tuck it behind her ears over and over again.

Tomorrow it would be short again. She would find a pair of scissors tonight and carefully trim it until she looked like some sort of wise pixie. Spencer knew this, he could spot the signs that she was getting sick of it.

If he asked, she would cut his as well. He liked when she took care of him that way- a moment of calm and normality as she carefully trimmed it. Never too short, she knew exactly what length to keep it for him. Long enough to tuck behind his ears, short enough to look neat without effort. Long enough to hide his face when he ducked his head- short enough to deny the boys at school a reason to call him a girl.

Her pen moved over the paper, and then stopped as she looked up, smiling at Spencer and then shaking her head. )
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Title: Lieutenant
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Jack Harkness, The Doctor (very mild hints at possible Jack/Doctor)
Spoilers: None. I made this all up.
Rating: PG
Summery: The Eleventh Doctor meets a very familiar man.

Careful was Sunday nights in front of a fire. Careful was a room full of books and texts, reading about life rather than living it. )

( This is actually a ficlit I wrote to help me with a much longer piece I'm working on.)


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