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These are older, but apparently I never uploaded them. >_>

35 Barrowman icons.

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Soooo [ profile] cruelest_month just linked me to this little casting tid-bit. And, uh, let's just say I'm not thrilled.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Barrowman, I really do, but as Captain America? No thanks. Really, please to not be casting him. I think it's great he's getting considered for such big roles and all, and I'm even more impressed by the fact that the studio is thinking of casting a gay man as an iconic American superhero, but... Captain America? No, sorry, not working for me. Obviously in my ideal world, Mark Valley would already have the job. And sure, I'm glad they aren't still thinking about DiCaprio(SP? Don't care enough about him to google his name) or someone like that, but still. Meh. Much meh.

He's the wrong sort of actor for the role. Sure he's pretty, but he's so over the top most of the time. I mean, honestly, when have you ever thought, 'wow, that Barrowman is such a subtle performer'? Never, and you know it.

So yeah DO NOT WANT. GTFO of muh comics Barrowman. D: Please to be staying on TV. KTHNX.

EDIT: If we're gonna have a gay cap, why isn't NPH getting any love? He could beef up! Neil Patrick Harris 4 Captain America! :D


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