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These are older, but apparently I never uploaded them. >_>

35 Barrowman icons.

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16 season 2 Mad Men icons.

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Is it wrong to get hot over a game? >_>;; 'Cause I'm a little turned on right now.
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After spending the better part of my day saving a friend's PC from a nasty Trojan, I feel as if I need to make this post. I'm sure most of you already know all about firewalls and the like, but just in case one or two of you don't, here are the basics you should know if you want to surf the net safely.

1. Install A Firewall

I don't want to hear how expensive they are, you can get perfectly decent firewalls for free these days, and they are a MUST HAVE. I don't care what OS you're running, firewalls are a must. A great free firewall you can download is Comodo Firewall Pro. It's clean, it's beautiful and it learns from you rather than making you learn from it. Install it, run it, and that's it. It's so easy, there is no reason not to have this on your PC.

2. Install Anti-virus Software

No, really, if you don't have one, stop reading this shit and do this right now.

There are a 1001 anti-virus programs out there, but my top pick is still AVG Anti-Virus. It's free, and It has saved my ass once or twice in the past when I was using a lesser firewall. AVG updates itself daily and will scan your pc when you first boot up (or at an ungodly hour in the morning if you leave your PC on 24-7 as I sometimes do. It's not a huge memory hog (though older machines may feel the lag while it scans the PC), but really, 15 min of slow PC performance a day is a small price to pay for clean and safe files.

You should always have an anti-virus on your PC. ALWAYS. No exceptions. You wouldn't believe how many people look at me like I'm mad when I say this, but it's true.

3. Learn About Malicious Pop-Ups And Learn How To Deal With Them

CNET has a great piece on them over here.

While most pop-ups are harmless (and annoying), and most web browsers do a good job of blocking the majority anyway, this is still something I feel people should know and understand.

4. Use Common Sense

If it looks fishy, it probably is. Do not go giving your personal shit out to anyone who asks. Look at web addresses carefully before entering passwords or personal information. Are you on a secure page (firefox and most browsers will tell you that you are up in the navigation toolbar)? Do you trust this site? Does it make sense that this page/company is requesting this information? Do they have a privacy policy posted that you can read?

5. Be Aware Of What Your Downloading And How Different Types Of Downloads Work

Before you go snag that new Torrent of The Dark Knight, make sure you understand how torrents work. You are NOT anonymous when you download a torrent and you CAN be tracked down by the MPAA the RIAA if you are not careful. Hell, you can be tracked by them even if you are. There is no 100% safe way to snag a torrent, but if you'd like to be at least a little safer, here are a few things you can do.

Stick to private torrent communities that require registration, or better yet, an invitation.

Use slightly safer (and easier to customize) torrent downloaders such as utorrent.

Learn about IP blocking and torrent filters such as ipfilter.dat

On a related note, do not just download shit from where-the-fuck-ever. You want freeware? Go to, not some random site. Do not right click and save every file on the planet. Download from trusted sites only, or, at the very least, take the time to scan what you've downloaded before you open it (Firefox 3 does this for you, though I'm not sure how powerful their scanner is).

6. Always Read The TOS and the Privacy Policies
No, you don't have to pour over it or hire a lawyer before agreeing, but do use some common sense. Make sure you understand what you're agreeing to when you click 'yes'.

And I'm not just talking about shady sites either. Just have a look at Google's Chrome TOS. Harmless, sure, but a bit shady in places.

7. Learn How TO Opt Out

You have the right to privacy, don't let companies tell you otherwise.

--- --- ---

Some of this stuff is overkill, and honestly, for the most part all you need is common sense and a good firewall/anti-virus combo. You'll notice I left off anti-spywear, that's simply because I find all the free anti-spywear programs currently out there sub-par. Also, with a good firewall and some brains, you should be able to avoid the stuff. Also, AVG Free removes it and treats it like a virus if it's malicious.
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Dozens upon dozens of monkeys! @_@

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Soooo [ profile] cruelest_month just linked me to this little casting tid-bit. And, uh, let's just say I'm not thrilled.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Barrowman, I really do, but as Captain America? No thanks. Really, please to not be casting him. I think it's great he's getting considered for such big roles and all, and I'm even more impressed by the fact that the studio is thinking of casting a gay man as an iconic American superhero, but... Captain America? No, sorry, not working for me. Obviously in my ideal world, Mark Valley would already have the job. And sure, I'm glad they aren't still thinking about DiCaprio(SP? Don't care enough about him to google his name) or someone like that, but still. Meh. Much meh.

He's the wrong sort of actor for the role. Sure he's pretty, but he's so over the top most of the time. I mean, honestly, when have you ever thought, 'wow, that Barrowman is such a subtle performer'? Never, and you know it.

So yeah DO NOT WANT. GTFO of muh comics Barrowman. D: Please to be staying on TV. KTHNX.

EDIT: If we're gonna have a gay cap, why isn't NPH getting any love? He could beef up! Neil Patrick Harris 4 Captain America! :D
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24 Icons from Alan Moore's 'The killing Joke'

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So I was going to write this last night, but I decided I needed more time to dwell before starting to babble...

My thoughts on last nights Doctor Who (4x12 - The Stolen Earth), can be found under the cut.

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Shiny new layout for muh journal. I nearly used this image as my header, but I like the one I went with. those with keen eyes will know what site it is the captain seems to have stumbled upon. XD

Tony just wants Steve to see he put him in his top eight. :o
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I know it took me an EON to get around to it, but here is part two of the The LJ top 50 Man-Candy Extravaganza. Part one can be found over here.

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So, since we had a tie for number 50, I decided to simply make this the 51 top Eye-Candy list. You voted (or, well, the quick ones of you did) and now I'm proud to present numbers 51-41 on the Eye candy list.

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So, if you've been following this post, you'll know that yesterday people dropped by my post to nominate some stunning men to be a part of our own version of OK! magazines eye-candy list. Now that I've got a good (and long) list of men to work with, I now present you all with The POLL.

Here's how it'll work bbs:

1: You can vote vote up to ten men total. Not ten per section, just ten in all. (That means you get to vote for ten out of 60+ men.) If you vote for more than that, I'll just ignore your votes completely, cause bitches need to learn to read. K? Besides, it's no fun if you don't play by the rules.

That means all of you who have skipped reading this and went ahead and voted for 20 people should try again under a different LJ name, because your votes MEAN NOTHING 2 MEH. *bursts into an improv version of Oh Vennia*

2. Please don't use your GAZILLION LJs to stack the vote. Srsly, it's just a fun poll, don't be lame and ruin the fun for everyone else by being a douche.

3. On Tuesday I'll go over all the votes and will post the first ten winners (counting down from fifty). The day after that I'll post the next ten, and so-on, and so on... Why not post them all at once? Well, I'm planning on doing this in the traditional OK! magazine style. Each man will get one large and lush photo with a small blurb about what makes them sexy.

4. Feel free to comment on who you voted for and what it is about them that makes them prime eye candy. I'd love to use quotes from you all for my little blurbs.

Right then, vote away! And pimp this post out to all your fellow lusty LJers. <333

EDIT: For the record, these aren't my personal picks (with the exception of a handful), these are names that were tossed around yesterday in the previous post. There are a lot of hot men who didn't get a nod, and there are a lot of people who did who I honestly have never heard of before. lol. It's just for fun my sweets, let's not get bent up out of shape.
EDIT #2: Violet just pointed out to me that my rules say pick ten while the poll says five. Ten is the right number, I'm a little busy over here and not as focused as usual. Sorry for the mistake!

[Poll #1193621]
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So, OK! magazine has posted the top 50 most eye-candy worthy men... and I must say, I am mighty disappointed. Sure there are a few lookers on the list, but honestly? Most of them I could pass on.

So, since OK! is clearly made of fail, lets make our own top fifty list of eye-candy men. Let's call it, the LJ top 50 Man-Candy Extravaganza. Comment here with who you would like to nominate as eye candy (photos = BONUS POINTS), and tomorrow I will post a poll with the most popular names and you can all vote to see who makes the top of the list.

This post is unlocked, so pimp it bbs, the more people who vote, the better the list.

Let's show OK! how wrong they are. (Simon Cowell? WTF?)

EDIT: Comment as many times as you like! The more pretty the better. :x
EDIT 2 The poll can be found here!
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FAIL NCIS. So much fail.


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Share my pain.

Just... sdilfhsdklfh What the hell was that? That was... so... bad. I mean, there is a small part of me that's still hoping the actual show won't be so awful, and this is just a matter of shitty trailer-ness. But... no. Just no.

They should have just bought the rights to air the original. FAIL

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Diva Icons

Apr. 6th, 2008 09:47 pm
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Gwen, shirley, and Regina

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94 more icons from the season finale of Torchwood

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79 Torchwood icons taken from the season finale.

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Drabbles :o

Apr. 2nd, 2008 11:36 am
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Drabbles, I'm writing them. Here are the rules:

  1. I'll write until I can write no longer, so the sooner you comment, the better your chances of getting some nummy fic to chew on.

  2. When was the last time you saw me write het? I'll do my best, but let's lean towards the slash bb. Is good for you.

  3. Fandoms I'm big on right now: House MD, Life On Mars, Torchwood, Veronica Mars, Mighty Boosh, NCIS, Numb3rs... Some Harry Potter.

  4. Comment with a pairing and a kink/theme/whatever and I will reply with a drabble or ficlit. :D If you're looking for pure smut, be sure to add that to your comment as well. ;)

Comment and then sit back and enjoy. :D
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Eighty-four icons from episode 1x02 of NCIS

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