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So I've been playing Lego Harry Potter since yesterday, and I found myself yet again wondering why there isn't a Harry Potter MMORPG. This is a question I ask myself anytime I play a Potter related game, be it the ps2 Quiddich world cup, or one of the many movie tie-in games. It just seems crazy to me that no one has tried to cash in on this yet. It's not as if there's a shortage of fans out there who would be willing to pay 15$ a month to go to virtual Hogwarts. And honestly, just how hard would it be to make?

I've been wanting this for years now, and I'd like to share my idea of the perfect Potter game with you.

We'd start with the Character creator. Think sims 3 here, except without the wardrobe. Characters would start with a simple black robe that would later be embellished with their crest once they were sorted into their house, but everything else would be up to you. You'd take your little first year and give him or her whatever features your little heart desired. Want to play a Mary Sue with pink hair and violet eyes? Go for it. Want to play someone who looks suspiciously like Draco Malfoy? Knock yourself out.

Once you had their look down you'd move on to their personality. You'd be given a chance to select 6 traits that best described your character from a list of let's say 20 or 30ish. Each trait would be coded with a certain amount of points towards each house (unseen by the player, of course). For example Courage would look like this:


5 Gryffindor
4 Hufflepuff
3 Ravenclaw
2 Slytherin

Here are a few more examples:

5 Slytherin
4 Ravenclaw
2 Hufflepuff
1 Gryffindor

5 Slytherin
4 Hufflepuff
3 Gryffindor
2 Ravenclaw

5 Ravenclaw
4 Slytherin
3 Gryffindor
2 Hufflepuff

Green thumb:
5 Hufflepuff
4 Gryffindor
3 Slytherin
3 Ravenclaw

5 Slytherin
4 Gryffindor
3 Ravenclaw
1 Hufflepuff

So that isn't to say you couldn't have a flirty Ravenclaw or a smart Hufflepuff, it would just mean most of the rest of their traits would have to have higher Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff points.

Now if you picked these traits, this would be the result.

5 3 4 2
1 4 2 5
3 2 4 5
3 5 2 4
4 3 5 3
4 3 1 5
20 20 18 24

This player would be a Slytherin. Of course an algorithm could be written to adjust the numbers to avoid ties and other problems- but you get the idea.

Once sorted you'd find yourself in the Great Hall, ready to meet your new friends.

There could be wand duels to earn XP, quests from teachers to learn new basic spells... And once you earned enough XP you'd be bumped up to a second year where there would be more spells and quests. When you finally reached your final year you would be asked to pick a career path, specializing in one of several possible magic traits. This would be the start of separating players and giving them special skills. For example a dragon tamer would be something along the lines of a classic hunter style player. They would be able to train beasts to work with them. Healers would learn magic that was mostly geared towards mending others and restoring health. And so on and so on. You could then let the player choose their side. For Hogwarts, or for Voldemort.

Tell me that wouldn't be awesome. You'd graduate Hogwarts and go out into the wizard world. This could be the equivalent of reaching the outlands on Warcraft.

Quests and duels would lead to drops, where you could pick up new gear and clothes for your character, along with Galleons, Knuts, and Sickles. There could even be a Hogsmeade and a Diagon Alley where you could spend your money on brooms and sweets! Your character could learn to ride a broom to make transportation easier, and at a higher level even learn to apparate. There could be a floo network and owl mail... and none of it would be any more complected than what you already find in most MMOs.

So yeah, I want my Potter MMO, and I want it now. Someone needs to hurry up and make this. *waves her money around*. Warner Brothers, you are sitting on a goldmine, now get off your ass and do something about it. Me and my pink haired, blue-eyed Hufflepuff have potions class and we don't want to be late. ...We hear Professor Snape is really bitchy when it comes to tardiness.
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