Oct. 3rd, 2008

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Making graphs based on my winamp listening habits, comparing common themes and lyrics in the songs I play the most, is not a good use of my time. ...No matter how pretty it looks on paper.

At least not until someone turns it into a meme. Then it will be awesome and my time-wasting skills will be admired by all who dare cast their gaze upon my work.
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intheenditslove: bah. I want to watch and hang out with my roommate. XD Why can't I do EVERYTHING?
Plausive: you need clones
intheenditslove: ahahaha. "You hang out in the living room with CJ. I'm going to go to the other room and watch a movie with other people."
Plausive: lolol
Plausive: if you were Madrox from x-factor, you could multiply yourself and do both, then absorb your clone and have both experiences.
intheenditslove: Hahahahaha.
intheenditslove: That is fascinating.
Plausive: think of all the fun you could have
intheenditslove: I could do SO MUCH.
intheenditslove: And still actually DO it all.
intheenditslove: I want this power!
Plausive: i kno rite?
intheenditslove: That is maybe the best power I've ever heard of.
Plausive: and you could send one to work and get the paycheck without having to work. you'd just, like, remember working.
intheenditslove: So some days, if I did want to work, I could go and I'd know how.
Plausive: but you wouldn't have to go. You could play scrabble instead.

tl;dr? - We are dorks.


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